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Written by ralph on 11/01/2015. Posted in Boot storage build, Future plans, Ralph's blog

Having ripped everything out of the back of Matilda I thought I’d give you an idea of what I have planned.

Firstly I intend to remove the rear side windows and replace these with lift up hatches.  Following this I shall ‘box-in’ the area from the rear passenger door to the tailgate behind and above the wheel arch.

This area ill then only be accessible via the hatches.  On the left I shall install a 100 Ah leisure battery, a Ctek DS 250, Ctek Smartpass and Ctek MXS10 battery charger.  In addition there will be a 240v mains ‘consumer unit’ and mains ‘hook-up’ connector.

The space above the battery will be used of storage of items which are not needed regularly (such as spares).  In the same space on the right I shall mount the gas bottle and regulator.  A separate shut-off valve will be installed that will be accessible from the rear.  Again the area around this will be used for storage.

All of this will be covered in stretch car carpet to cut down on noise and rattles.

The area directly visible through the hatches will be used for storage of ready use stuff such as crockery, cutlery, tea & coffee makings, etc.

Once complete this will leave a 1m wide ‘corridor’ down the centre of the car.  This will be kitted out with a combination of drawers/really useful boxes and the fridge/freezer.  However these will not run the whole length as they do now.

The water system has worked well but we have found ourselves running short (we only carry 45l) and we have had to replace the water ‘bladder’ twice because of leaks.  Because of this we will be installing a 70l fiamma water tank instead of one of the lower forward 50l really useful boxes.  There will be an external filler cap for the tank alongside the mains hook up point on the outside wing  The other forward box will be replaced with simple ‘lift lid’ box.  This again will be used for less accessible storage.

The footwell, now vacated by the water bladder, will be used for storing the awnings and awning poles arranged athwart the car.

The original 42l boxes used for our clothes worked reasonably well but we intend to replace these with Thule Chasm duffel bags.  These have easy access, are designed to be tied down and can convert to a rucksack very simply.  This will be a lot easier when we need to ‘decamp’ into a ferry cabin or hotel.

The gap between the two Thule bags will house my Lowepro Flipside Sport 20l Camera bag.  This will leave it easily accessible from either front seat or rear side doors.  This whole area will also give me a valuable ‘open area’ to use when we’re not on expedition.  It is really frustrating that I have nowhere to put any shopping once all the boxes were in place 😳

The roof shelf will be refitted but will not run the full width of the car as the battery chargers will take up some of the space.

A lot of this might not make much sense as described but will become clearer as I start documenting the work.  There is a lot more ‘tidying up’ work and other minor mods to do at the same time.

We are considering a short break in May which will involved 3 ferry journeys so that we can visit the Channel Islands of Jersey and Guernsey.  This will be a ‘shake down’ trip for the new arrangement (assuming I manage to get it all done by then! 😯 ).

So here is the ‘abridged’ (haha) to do list:

  1. Repair rotten inner wing on the left hand side
  2. Repair rot at the bottom of the right hand B pillar
  3. Refit a seal air intake system (properly this time as I just found a big gap that could have been very embarrassing on some of the water crossing we did in Iceland!)
  4. Remove all the veg oil kit bits
  5. Consolidate the rather random electrical wiring to the batteries
  6. Fit 2 matching batteries in the front.  This has now been done with two Numax CXV 24 86Ah batteries fitted.
  7. Modify the split charge so that I have an automatic and manual option
  8. Fit 100Ah battery in the rear. Numax CVX 27 battery now fitted.
  9. Fit Ctek Charging solution
  10. Fit 240v mains hook up
  11. Remove side windows, fabricate and fit hatches
  12. Glue carpet just about everywhere
  13. Build inner ‘walls’
  14. Build and install rear drawer/fridge unit
  15. Build and install front water tank/storage unit
  16. Install water tank, pump and level guage
  17. Fit external water filler cap
  18. Glue even more carpet
  19. Modify and refit upper shelf
  20. Build storage ‘holster’ for awnings and poles
  21. Fit Ram mount for iPad
  22. Fit 2 charger/holders for iPhones
  23. Fit USB charging sockets
  24. Fit upgraded CB aerial
  25. Rewire the front and rear rooflights
  26. Possibly replace two tyres
  27. Modify the rooftent Janet awning so that it can be fitted on the side and rear of the tent
  28. Fabricate a ladder system that can be used at the rear.
  29. At least 4 other things that I can’t think of right now
  30. Added – replace rear door seal

Unlike my last attempt, at keeping you updated on my to-do list, I shall attempt to revisit this list as I complete an item (or add another) and post links to the relevant articles


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