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The final ‘tick in the box’

Written by ralph on 01/11/2015. Posted in Ralph's blog

No trip is fully complete until all the flag stickers are in place.

As Monaco was an unplanned deviation I wasn’t prepared and so had to wait until my good friends at StickersWorld2008 could come up with the goods.

A quick ebay order and 2 days later the Monaco flying flag was in my hands.

This could be the last addition for many months and even for good (in our hands).  Soon Matilda will be put up for sale as we have decided to look for another vehicle to continue (and expand) our adventures.  There are a few jobs that need doing and she will be fully serviced and MoT’d.  After that we will advertise her and start looking for a worthy home for her.

As for our future vehicle choice, well the jury is out at the moment and all cards are on the table; Land Rover, Toyota, even Ford are in contention.  I shall post more about our deliberations soon.  We have a few months to weigh the pros and cons before taking the plunge.

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