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Written by ralph on 22/11/2015. Posted in Ralph's blog

Well after the childlike euphoria of yesterday……….  There was more of it today.

Matilda and Arbie sat side by side as I transferred a few ‘essentials’ across such as the first aid kit, hi-viz jackets, warning triangles, toolkit, etc. etc.


Once again we went for a little 50 mile jolly and tried a few more things out.  I have now personalised the stereo, voice activated iPod controls and played around with the trip computer.

It currently states that we are achieving an average of 28.9 mpg which is not bad.  I’m sure this will slowly improve as I get used to it.

Until now I have added my articles under my page directly on this site and these have been posted directly on the Overland Rovers Facebook page and twitter feed.  Because this is followed by so many Land Rover owners I thought it was necessary to come up with a way that that Ford Ranger owners could find the info easily and follow Albies progress in it’s own right.

As such I have created which can be accessed from the ‘Ralph’s Pages menu above.  I have also added so that the Ranger posts can be followed separately (you can pop in and ‘like’ it if you want to 😉 .

However all the posts from this site and the new site will still appear on the Overland Rovers Facebook Page (  Hopefully all the technical, behind the scenes, jiggery pokery will work smoothly.

I shall still continue to update you, on here, of the preparation work in readiness for the sale of Matilda.


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