The old wish list

Written by ralph on 12/10/2009. Posted in Future plans

The disco is a never ending project and every time I add something or make a mod, something else is added to the shopping list or another idea crops up.  here is the list of desires in no particular order:


  1. ‘Blanking’ panels for boot side windows (done)
  2. Solar panels to fit ‘blanking panels (done)
  3. Stowage nets or other fittings for rear blanking panels – Mud stuff (done)
  4. 12v water pump system for water tank (done)
  5. KDC-W7544U radio CD / MP3 / WMA / AAC receiver with remote control + dashboard control lead (done with different model)
  6. Maycom EM-27 80 channel CB Transceiver
  7. Parrot bluetooth car kit (done – built into music player)
  8. Additional storage instead of rear seats (done)
  9. Dashboard ‘mudpod’
  10. Exhaust gas temperature gauge(excellent bit of kit, may use more of these instead of traditional gauges)
  11. Oil pressure gauge
  12. Oil temperature gauge
  13. Water temperature gauge + alarm
  14. Voltage gauge + change-over switch
  15. Door storage nets
  16. Rear dislocation cones
  17. Diesel tune-up, possibly Allard or J. Fearn
  18. Window tint for rear and boot door windows (done with privacy screens)
  19. Hozelock Portashower
  20. Video camera mount (aquired)

New list started ‘post Tunisia’.

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