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Written by ralph on 18/12/2009. Posted in General

I have added this page as I thought some of you may be interested in how this site has been developed and how it works.

This website is hosted by Supergreen Hosting who offer environmentally friendly services.  They are very competitive and their support service is second to none (trust me when I say I have used their help more than once setting this site upEmbarassed ).

Their service also includes a lot of easily installable free software, including Joomla.

Joomla is a ‘content management software’ package which I have used to build this site.  It is ‘open source’ which means it is completely free.  There is a huge amount of support and help available.

In addition you can download hundreds of different templates and then tweak and modify them if you want.  Just do a ‘google’ for “joomla templates” and you’ll see what I mean.

In addition to the main site I have added several Joomla extensions.  These are modules which you can ‘plug in’ to your site to add functions.  A  few examples are:

  • Countdown timer – the Tunisia and Mexico trips
  • Comment module – for each article
  • Website statistics – seen on the left (NB. The website was ‘hacked’ in April 2012 and had to be reset.  There were approximatly 10 000 visitors prior to this)
  • Picture gallery – allows thumbnail galleries on an article
  • Article editor – give a MS Office feel to the editor we use to write the articles
  • Powermail – allows articles to be added via email for the blogs

Once the template is set and modules installed and activated it provides a simple interface for ‘publishing’ articles onto the site.  These can be worked on in draft and remain hidden until you decide to click the ‘publish’ button.  Then the world can see themLaughing.

Supergreen provide file access software but I also use Filezilla ftp software to upload images onto the server.

If you want any further information just register or login and leave a comment.

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