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Written by ralph on 03/04/2015. Posted in Boot storage build, Ralph's blog

The weather was chilly but dry-ish.  So, with gazebo firmly tied down, I started on the other side of the car.

side 2 2 The first part of the day seemed to go on forever and involved tidying up the mess of wiring and stripping off various bits and pieces left over from removing the trim.

I then mounted the gas bottle holders and various brackets ready to take the ‘wall’.

To prevent the gas bottles damaging each other, on rough terrain, I made a foam ‘donut’ to support the upper bottle and separate the two.

side 2 I’d previously drawn around the ‘wall’ I used on the other side so, with a bit of modification the new one was was cut.

On this side I decided to ‘cut the top off’ and build the top level with the high level shelf that will be added later.

This was because the upper space would be more useful outside the hatch than inside.

The mass of wires at the top lead to the rooflights and rear working lights.  These, originally, ran to a junction box mouted on the window ‘blank’ on this side.

I shall rewire these later.

Tomorrow I shall be adding the carpet, complete the cutting of the walls and, hopefully get this side near to finished.

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