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What’s happening with Matilda?

Written by ralph on 12/12/2015. Posted in Ralph's blog

Since coming back from Asia Matilda has sat, rather forlornly, on the drive while Arbie has been getting all the attention.  A few people have shown interest and have asked what’s happening with her and so I thought I would put this article together to let everyone know what the plans are.

for saleOver the next few weeks I shall be preparing Matilda for sale.  I am hoping that someone will want to continue exploring with this fabulous vehicle.  There’s plenty of space on the hatches for more stickers  🙂 

Before selling her I want to be sure that the future owner is fully aware of all her foibles and any problems.  Because of this, in January, I shall put her in the hands of my good friend Jono, at Hillcrest Vehicle Solutions, and ask him to give it a full service and compile a list of any issues that may need resolving before the next MoT (May 2016).

She has developed a slight oil leak that needs to be fixed but apart from that I’m not aware of any other mechanical issues.  

I aim to fix the dented door, replace the trim, give her a thorough clean, inside and out, and sort out what will and won’t be included in the sale.  Obviously all the spares will stay with her but I shall hold on to some of the other stuff such as tools, some of the recovery equipment and some of the cooking and kitchen equipment.

The cooker, table, fridge/freezer, roof tent, side and rear awning shall go with the car.  Unfortunately after our puncture on the last trip there will be only one spare tyre.  But I want to make sure that she is sold as a fully functioning expedition vehicle. 

I intend to put together a couple of sales/instructional videos to run through all the modifications and kit and I shall compile a complete list of everything that has been and needs to be done. 

The most difficult part is working out how much she is worth!  To me, she is worth a fortune but no one is going to pay that 🙂

I could easily strip off each of the components and sell them individually.  Items such as the Roof tent, the Fridge, the C-tek battery system, the Recaro seats, Hannibal awning and sides and the Long range fuel tanks would all sell well on eBay.  But it would break my heart to strip out all the work and effort that has gone into her over the years.

So I intend to value each of the relevant items and then add a realistic figure for the base vehicle and the fact that everything has already been fitted and tested.

I have seen many ‘so called’ expedition vehicles advertised on eBay for an extortionate amount.  A 2” lift, a roof rack and snorkel and apparently they’re ready to drive to Cape Town!

My main aim is not to maximise my return but to get a fair price and find someone who will continue to use her as intended.

I’m happy to discuss the sale with anyone who is seriously interested via the message system on the Facebook page.

As always I shall keep these pages updated on any progress.

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