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Window privacy shades

Written by ralph on 09/05/2010. Posted in Kit and Equipment


With all the kit in the back of the car I wanted to add some security.  Initially I though about tinting the windows but the options for this had issues.

I could go the DIY route with film from Halfords or similar.  This would have cost about £50 – £70, which is not bad but I had heard conflicting reports about how successful this approach was.


The second option was to have it done professionally.  Locally a quote for this was a whopping £220 Surprised.  In fairness they do remove the glass.

I finally decided to choose option 3.  I had seen some screens which are designed to fit exactly over the rear window and provide a good level of screening.  These cost £110 which is roughly in the middle.  I bought them from here Direct Car Parts and delivery took about 10 days.  These are a quality product, well made and a perfect fit.

P5090001 The rear window screen is in two halves and is held in place by several small plastic clips which stick around the frame.
P5090002 Once the clips are fitted the panels can be fitted or removed in seconds.
P5090009 From the outside they make it very difficult to see in.  They screen/shade the inside well but you can see out reasonably well.
P5090006 The side screens simply clip into place and are equally effective.

One advantage of these screens over the window tinting is that you can lower the window with them fitted maintaining the shade.  They also act as a bug screen when the window is open.

P5090004 Here you can see the screen fitted with the widow open.

To be honest; it took longer to clean the windows than it did to fit the screens.

P5090005 The kit also included panels for the boot windows but I obviously haven’t used these as I have the homemade blanks and solar panels fitted.

All in all I am very impressed with this product.  I will let you know how they perform over time.

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