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Written by ralph on 30/08/2014. Posted in General, Ralph's blog

I had always been unhappy with the fact that my posts to Facebook we’re not recorded on the website.
However the ability to take a photo and then instantly post it as well as the number of people following us made Facebook ideal.
With a bit of googling and adjusting a few settings I have now managed to sort it.
Using the WordPress app I can update the website with a photo and text this is now magically converted into a Facebook post and appears just as normal.
There is a slight glitch with image size on the website (they appear full size rather than fit the screen). but I’m sure this will be resolved when the app is updated and is easy for me to correct when I get back home.
Now all I need to do is figure out how to transfer all my previous posts.
It thought I’d just attach an old favourite photo to demo the way it works.


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